Anti-gay pastor who blamed “lack of virgins” and homosexuality for COVID-19 has died from COVID-19.

Anti-LGBTQ+ televangelist Irvin Baxter Jr. has died from COVID-19. 

 In March, Baxter claimed that a lack of virgins and homosexuality was to blame for the virus. He said, “5 percent of new brides in America are virgins. That means 95 percent have already committed fornication.”

He also cited 1 Corinthians 6, which opposes “homosexuals” and “the sexually immoral.”

Baxter continued, “God may be using this as a wake-up call. This coronavirus may be a privilege, because I will tell you right now, there is a much bigger judgment coming.”

Baxter appeared on the Christian television show, “End of the Age”. He also founded Pentecostal Christian organization Endtime Ministries.

Also worth noting, Baxter was a staunch Trump supporter who said those who oppose Trump are not only “deeply inhumane” but also “satanic.”

Irvin Baxter Jr. was 75 years old.

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