Gay couple guilty of murdering lesbian. The two men killed her in “flat of horrors.”

Boyfriends Nathan Maynard-Ellis and David Leesley of West Midlands have been found guilty of murdering lesbian Julie Rawson.

Maynard-Ellis, 30, met Rawson, 42, at a pub in May of 2019. On their night of meeting, the two went back to Maynard-Ellis’ home. Maynard-Ellis and Leesley then proceeded to murder her in what prosectors described as a “flat of horrors.”

The flat had a large collection of books by serial killers, swords and spiders placed on the walls, and an extensive amount of horror movie paraphernalia including Chucky dolls and Freddy Kruger figures.

Maynard-Ellis had an obsession with murder and fantasized about murdering and raping women, prosecutors told the court. They also stated that Maynard-Ellis went out the night he killed Rawson with the intention to murder a woman.

Maynard-Ellis and Leesley, 25, murdered and dismembered Rawson’s body and dumped her body parts near a canal. Both admitted to concealing a body, but denied murder. They were convicted on both murder and dismemberment charges.

After Maynard-Ellis’ murder arrest, another woman came out and said he had raped and he threaten to kill her. He was found guilty of rape on charges relating to her.

Rawson’s family provided a statement about the events.

“Her death has had a devastating impact on us, the mutilation of her body and the callous way in which her remains were scattered has revolted us. We can only pray Julia knew nothing about these abhorrent acts.”

The statement continued, “We are a close and loving family, clinging to each other in an attempt to support each other through this harrowing ordeal, but shall remain deeply affected and troubled by these events for the rest of our lives because Julia’s loss is felt as keenly today as when we heard she had first gone missing.

The killer couple will be sentenced in the near future.

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