Openly gay justice and former NFL player, Martin Jenkins, confirmed to CA Supreme Court.

Openly gay Martin Jenkins has been unanimously confirmed to the California Supreme Court. Jenkins, 66, was appointed by Gavin Newsom and is the first openly gay member of the California court. Jenkins will replace Ming Chin who retired on August 31, 2020.

The democratic appointee is considered a moderate. In addition to Newsom, Republican governors have appointed him to various positions including the 1st District San Francisco based Court of Appeal. Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger appointed Jenkins to that position.

Jenkins was raised in San Francisco. A star football player, he played defensive back for Santa Clara and briefly played in the NFL for the Seattle Seahawks. He later obtained his JD from the University of San Francisco.

Jenkins struggled to accept his sexuality, but during his confirmation he said, “Now I understand what people who are [in] loving, caring relationships really have. I’ve experienced it. Thank you, Sydney.” He acknowledged his partner Sydney Shand, LA-based real estate broker, as well as his family and thanked them for their love and support.

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